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                          Commercial Construction Services

                          Axis Global Enterprises believes in providing quality, sustainable solutions that allow commercial operations to thrive.?From corporate offices to mixed-use retail developments, we have the construction and program management experience and expertise to tackle any even the most complex commercial construction project?to expedite a well-managed, high quality product that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations.


                          Bella Monte (2)

                          Bella Monte Restaurant & Enoteca?Renovation Part I (2015): Transformation of Retail Shop into Wine Lounge; Renovation Part II (2016): Renovation of Dining Room


                          BIM Coordination / Implementation Destailed Budgeting & Estimating
                          Commissioning Life Cycle Cost Analysis
                          Community Outreach Planning Pre-Construction Services
                          Comparative Cost Analysis Project Specific Safety Planning
                          Design-Build / CMAR / GC Subcontractor Procurement


                          PORTFOLIO - COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS include:?

                          Farmhouse Brewing Co

                          Farmhouse Brewing Co., c. 2016-2017


                          Dough Boy's California Pizza, c. 2016



                          ?Bella Monte 3

                          Bella Monte Restaurant & Enoteca, c. 2015

                          ?Kolache -factory _8

                          Kolache Factory, c. 2015

                          ? ?
                          ?Home Republic 4

                          Home Republic, c.2014


                          344 Beauty Bar, c. 2014

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