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                          Healthcare / Medical Solutions

                          Managing a healthcare facility or hospital is a challenge. Patients and staff require a clean and secure environment, yet you have to manage operations and expenses judiciously.

                          Our more than 20 years experience providing solutions for the healthcare industry allows us to meet the challenge of working within sensitive patient care environments. Your priorities are our priorities, and we work diligently and efficiently to ensure management, coordination, infection control, staff, patient and visitor safety are achieved to the highest leel of satisfaction.

                          To ensure long-term value and performance, all of our construction and security projects are designed to quickly adapt to new equipment, technologies or medical procedures.


                          Community Outreach Planning Medical Equipment Procurement and Coordination
                          Comparative Cost Analysis Mock-Up Systems
                          Complete Pre-Construction Services Overhead and Walkway Protection
                          Design-Build / CMAR / GC Phasing and Disruption Planning
                          Detailed Budgeting & Estimating Power Purchase Agreements
                          Emergency Response Procedures Project Specific Safety Planning
                          Helicopter Flight Paths Subcontractor Procurement
                          Infection Control Procedures Transition and Move Coordination
                          Initial Outfitting and Transition Utility Shutdown Procedure
                          Interim Life Safety Measures Vibration and Noise Mitigation


                          Portfolio - Healthcare / Medical

                          eastern virginia medical school

                          Eastern Virginia Medical School

                          Fire & Life Safety, Access Control

                          Security Systems Monitoring


                          Kool Smiles

                          Intrusion Detection system, Fire & Life Safety

                          Mass Communication, Emergency Alerts




                          MEDsys Software Solutions

                          Integrated Security Alarm System

                          Access Control, Fire & Life Safety


                          Orthopaedic & Spine Center

                          Access Control

                          Alarm Monitoring

                          ? ?


                          Eastern State Hospital

                          Fire & Life Safety; Alarm Monitoring

                          ?Family Practice of Hampton Roads

                          Family Practice of Hampton Roads

                          Fire & Life Safety; Intrusion Detection

                          ? ?


                          Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

                          Video Surveillance; Access Control



                          Contact us today at (757) 857-4777 or email learn more and get started on your next healthcare facility project!
                          How can we help? Request an assessment today by giving us a call at 757.857.4777
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